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  1. Anyone who sees this... pocket riders, please. everything is changing, I'm finally receiving support and honestly I'm scared to receive it. I can't fathom a life outside of running and hiding and being violated and frightened all the time. 

    I am returning to my home this weekend. My new attorney and his wife are going with me. It is a 4 hour drive and he wants to get a better handle on my case, and figure out what is going on, and how to secure my home, and possibly return to the police as we anticipate more theft and vandalism from my son and his friend.  That is the hardest part, not knowing what I have to face when we get there. I may have to go back to the police again, but at least I will not be alone. 

    It is so hard. Two years ago I was a normal person. Now I can barely even talk or be around people. I'm reactive, and scared to get in the car with them for 4 hours, even though they have gone to great lengths to help me feel safe and are trauma sensitive. 

    My son. My son helped do this to me. I found a location where I felt safe from stalker #1. My son promised to build me a house, so I could finally have a home to recover and heal. Instead he robbed me and left me in a field to freeze to death, and has been helping his friend destroy what little remains of my good life over the last six months. I just don't understand how or why he could do this to me. 

    I'm so tired of being in trauma. I don't remember what it was like to not be terrorized. It is 24 hour a day psychological r*pe.   


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    2. abhaya


      Pocket riding, too, @sisyphus. Sending you support and kindness, reminding you of your deep inner wisdom and strength. We are with you, you can do this!

    3. sisyphus


      Everything went so well!! 


      Thank you!  I feel like maybe some positive change is happening. 


    4. Finchy


      @sisyphus I'm so so glad for you!! That is wonderful everything went well! I'm so proud of you. ❤️ 

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