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  1. The mods honestly they are just trying to do their job. There is no "criteria" set out to be a moderator of a message board. No job description, no application process, I think they do a pretty good job at running this place. I don't think this place is as "cliquey" as it used to be which is a good thing. We have many members now...

    I think if you really don't like the way a board is run then maybe you should give some other places a try.. There are other boards that are just as active as here that are different in the way they run things. Not saying either or any are better then the other, they are just different. I sometimes think this place you can get away with saying more then at other boards. I think if this was posted at other survivor boards it would have been deleted by now.

  2. I remember now learning the difference between sex and gender studies stuff now in first year uni... it was interesting

    If you put "genderqueer" into google you get lots of definitions, not nessecarily from the dictionary, but they are there...

  3. Hello. I am nervous about posting here. I have been on message boards before but not like this one. I'm a survivor of csa rape and domestic violence. But that is not all I am :).

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