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    im always happy to meet new people. so dont be afraid to add me to your icq or your yahoomessenger

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  1. hello, welcome to as. nice to have you here. hope you feel home here soon. greets from germany and a big hug if ok celeste
  2. hello celeste, welcome to AS. we are all here to support you and talk to you whenever you need it. feel free to pm me. if ok celeste
  3. hello liz, welcome to AS.
  4. Celeste


    hey jeffrey, welcome to AS. we are happy that you found us. we are all here for you
  5. hey, good to meet you, too. hope you will be safe forever.
  6. hi, welcome to as. hope you find the power to get through it and if you want to talk, we will be here celeste
  7. welcome elisabeth, if you need someone to talk to, i will be there celeste
  8. Celeste


    hello, my name is celeste, i'm 20years old. i survived this all although its really hard. my neigbhour did bad things and noone knows that. so he visits us every day and i have to see him every day. i'm from germany and i chose this side because it is english and very beautiful. noone in my family understands english so they will never know what is goin on here. sorry if i make mistakes or something like this. i'm not sure if my english is good enough for you. hope you will like me anyway best regards celeste
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