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  1. Hi to you all... It has taken me an extremely long time to find my way to some support. Maybe after pushing everything away for so long and pushing human contact away... and then trying to feel human again and re enter life has made me realize that I am truly broken in some ways. I wanted to attempt to say hi.. and to thank you for having a place like this.. somewhere anonymous that people can seek out and maybe find some gentle comfort in that we are not all alone. Somewhere that will accept peoples struggles and pain yet try to lift them up and help people regain some footing in this crazy world. I try to take things one day at a time.. sometimes one moment at a time.. and sometimes even that doesn't always work. Music has been a true gift to me... whether it is upbeat and fun songs.. or some of the angrier alternative songs that seems to know some of the things I have been through... I like to turn it up loud sometimes and it can help me breathe... I am still reading through everything here.. and I love to read so I will try and take my time going through some things. I want to make sure I take good care not to do anything accidentally harmful to others and be a good listener and poster here. One of the things that often happens to me is that I get overwhelmed easily... and I can be very quiet. Thank you for being here.. and thank you for helping me find connection in this world... Would just like to send out some good energy to everyone right now if that is ok..... and if you have taken the time to read this.. I appreciate it... thank you for being here and thank you for listening to others .. and for wanting to be supportive when you are in pain as well...
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