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  1. Thank you for the welcome. Red is one of my favorite colors. Idk where the name came from. It just popped in my head during registration. It fits for my mind frame. One day I hope to be comfortable enough to share my experiences. For now just knowing im not alone and have people that I can talk to helps tremendously
  2. Talkng about it ia impossible. Writing is easier. I can pretend im writing a story about someone else. It helps it come out easier. Thanks for the welcome. Looking foward to getting to know everyone
  3. Thank you for the welcome.
  4. I dont work on the research end of things unfortunately. Some nights id much prefer to be alone over there vs in my area. I dont have to interact with many people thankfully. And the ones i do tend to have to are all great. Ive got the option to only interact with my direct team lead of needed as my job doesn't entail a lot of further interaction. Its good for those nights im just not in the mood for people. Thanks for the welcome
  5. Just saying hello. New here. Ive recebtly become a single mom to three amazing kids two with disabilities I have two boston terriers a 2 pound chiuahua and a Maltese mix. I much prefer the company of animals to people I work 3rd shift and love my job surprisingly I run machine and computer system at a laboratory. That's about all I know to say haha thanks for having me
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