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    Safe Harbor Advocate.
    Helping Women and Children stay safe.
    Shoes... All the shoes.
    Humor cures all.

    God is my life.

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I'm Jessie and am 28yrs old.  I'm a survivor of abuse and sexual assult from childhood on up.  By my father, boyfriends, domesticly for 5 years, by strangers many times.  I have countless stories..... Bad luck?  🤔

But most recently it has hit me like a brick.  I HAD to report this incident.  He broke in.                              

ER rape kit and all............ A stranger.  Monster.

I am struggling with PTSD and many other previous illnesses that make it hard to cope...and quite honestly stay alive.

He cost me my house.  My safety.  My health. 

I will make my statement face to face with this Monster in court in October... A month away. 

He's going down.  I have control now.



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