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  1. @lilyhailey I'm very new here, as well. You'll like it here. The support is strong and everyone is kind. I have the same issues wanting to talk to "real world" friends but finding they either don't want to hear or don't understand. But you are *heard* and *understood* here. Welcome!
  2. @Lightbug Hi and welcome! I'm new here as well and still learning how it works. Everyone here is very kind and supportive. I'm glad you're here.
  3. Thank you @MeBeMary and @Struggling88 I'm glad to be here. 🌺
  4. @snmls Thanks for the welcome!
  5. @ShatteredSouI She's a shelter cat, so it's taking a lot of patience. I've had her about 6 months and she's just now approaching me to be petted. She loves the laser, too, and I bought her a squeakie mouse toy today. She's getting there. 🐱
  6. @Capulet Thanks so much for the welcome. There's so much here it's a bit overwhelming, but once I understand how everything works I can see it will be really helpful.
  7. I'm so happy to have found this group I could cry - in a good way. I hope I can help support all of you, as I follow my own path. I know how tough it can be. Quick intro: I'm a divorced mother of three amazing grown kids and one really weird cat, and I live in the Chicago metro area. I write professionally, but my boring day job pays the bills. My story is unreal, in good ways and bad. It'll unfold as we get to know each other. I'm here because I feel like I've exhausted all my friends with my brokenness. They're supportive, but if you haven't been there you really don't get it.
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