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  1. A poem I wrote.... I love poetry, so easy for me to express myself with a pen and paper, not so easy with speaking. Heart of Glass Broken, in a million pieces, Trying, I try so hard to put the puzzle of my life my heart, my soul, back together. I am not so strong, as I would like to be, know, that I one day will be. I grab onto memories of happy times, of love, to paste white the darkness, and fill up the emptiness, and hang onto the hope
  2. I found this site while browsing. I was physically abused as a child, molested by an older half brother when I was 6, for 6 years from 13 to 18 I was mentally abused in a sexual way, (hard to explain), by my step father, at 20 I was date raped by two men. A couple years later, I entered a relationship that last nearly 4 years, and was abused the entire time. But, I am a survivor!!!!!!
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