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  1. Hi denial, if you don't mind me asking, how did you put your artwork on for your profile picture. So cool. I'm a bit computer illiterate, so please describe it in detail like you're talking to a 7 year old 🙂(although most 7 year olds probably have good computer skills!)



    1. DenialsNotARiver


      Ok you want the Eli5 version (explain like I'm 5)...there are 2 picture slots when you edit your profile.  One is for your profile pic (the circle u see when people post), and one if for the header of your profile (usually seen when viewing a profile). The circle one has to be small so I cut down the zone of the image and uploaded it.  And the other I just uploaded (much like when adding an image to a post). Let me know if you need me to give a more detailed version than that.  If so we might wanna try through chat windows when online together and go step by step.

    2. feralcat
  2. Just wondering how you're doing denial... And saw your bday was last week so I wanted to wish you a very happy belated birthday! I hope you had a happy day and I hope this year is filled with good things for you. Take care


  3. Welcome and hang in there...You are not alone.
  4. @Struggling88 and @MeBeMary Thank you for the warm welcomes. Been a rough few days here but I'm praying for a reprieve.
  5. @Connor Thank you for the welcome. I hope you are right on the getting easier part.
  6. @snmls and @8888, Thank you for the warm welcome. I hope I can break through my own shell and continue to be a part of here. It's counter to everything I grew up in and outside my comfort norm but I am trying to push past that.
  7. Thanks @missfrier Its nice to not be alone but in some ways the whole kitten kabootle is extremely frustrating too. Its like not wanting to have a need to be here but being glad something like this exists at the same time. Last few months have been rough.
  8. I hope I am doing this right. I am new to the forum and I'm here to find a place to not be alone. I am dealing with repressed memories and having them resurface. It's kinda got me all kinds of off kilter. I am working with a therapist and we have a great working relationship but it doesn't fill that hole of feeling like you are alone in this (even though you know you aren't). I keep wanting to crawl back into my denial bubble as if nothing ever happened but that's not really a bell you can unring. Hopefully this forum will prove to be a safe place to get a little extra connection to others
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