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  1. thanks for the welcome all -Summer
  2. Wow, well Im sitting here, alone seems comfortable, but finding people that might understand what I might be going through is been nerve racking as It feels like im in my own little world right now. so, I decided to browse sites & found this 1 Just wanted to introduce myself a bit. My names Summer im 22 from Wa ..I've been working in home nursing care for the last 4yrs but just quit my job last month .3months ago I was asa*lted & r*ped by a stranger , I went to the police ,hospital etc. but as of yet the guy has not been arrested & its left me a bit of a mess right now grr sorta lot of things changed dont feel like the same person. I just trying to cope & get my life back. Ive started seeing a advocate whos trying to get me to go to a therapist just not sure about that yet. Anyways i've probably given bit much but thanks for letting me join & looking forward to being part of your group. -Summer
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