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  1. Aurgh... I’m so so so sorry. No, you don’t have a target but I wish the people who broke your trust did. I’m still in revenge mode so... 1 in 4 and where I live there are no support groups. So no one to speak to except here. Friends don’t really understand. I think they get tired too... of sitting through the difficult parts. Understandably. How you managing anger?
  2. @AngelasAshes yes. That’s the thing I’m struggling with. I also have to resist the urge to yell at women telling them not to trust the men they are with. Or if it is truly 1 in 5, I keep looking at women I know and thinking “how are you coping???”. How do people do this? The life part? The back to work and socializing and everyday-ness? Someone taught me “box breathing” recently. It kinda helps when it’s bad. Here to talk to if you need.
  3. @AngelasAshes Auuurghhhh... I’m sorry you’re here. But welcome. I feel everything you feel. It’s truly awful, and after the whole journey before. You are supported, believed, heard, safe. Here for conversations.
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