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  1. @soulless @missfrier @pattyr @Struggling88 - Thank you guys! I truly appreciate you guys taking the time out to welcome me.
  2. Thank you @Poppy_, @neri, @MeBeMary, each for your kind words and warm welcome despite these unfortunate circumstances, it is nice to read from those who can relate, which is a new feeling for me. Thanks you guys, again! šŸ„°
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    Hello, everyone! I am truly thankful to have found this place. A few days ago, I was finally able to share with my husband what happened to me 13 years ago and thankfully he was supportive. I am cautiously ready to open up and process what I have been through. I have carried this on me for many years and has affected me deeply in so many ways and seeped into my everyday life, by refusing to deal with it. Maybe once Iā€™m more comfortable I can speak more about that too. I just know in my soul I am ready to start the healing process. Thanks for your time šŸ’›
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