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  1. Good afternoon, I hope you're having a great day. Welcome to AS. You'll find that you're among friends. Take good care of yourself. Patti and peaches ( my 😺 kitty)
  2. Me and peaches would love to come. I tried to download the zoom app. But it was weird because it wanted my debit card information. I wasn't sure what to do. I feel really stupid.
  3. Me and peaches would love to come. I'm going to try to download the app. I'll let you know how it goes.
  4. Thanks Cap and everyone for your hard work. I have a few questions. How do we access zoom and how does it work? When do you think meetings will begin. I'm on pacific time. Thanks and take care Patti and Peaches
  5. Thanks Cap and all AS staff for all your hard work and dedication. I have topic ideas like coping skills, hobbies, dealing with difficult feelings Love and hugs Patti and peaches
  6. Hi truthteller, welcome to AS. I'm not sure how big a group we are. But a staff member could tell you. I do know it's a pretty active community. Most importantly it's a very safe caring ànd supportive place to be. Take care and please don't hesitate if you have questions or need help. Patti
  7. Welcome to AS. I know you'll find lots of support and kindness here. Take care Patti
  8. Really terrified I'm going to die from cancer or something just as bad.


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    2. Sleepographer


      @Patti72 i'm moved to hear you call me a dear friend. you are a dear friend to me as well. : )

    3. Finchy


      Always here for you, Patti. ❤️ 

    4. Doll6


      Sitting with you @Patti72, hoping they’ve caught it early. I think it’s very understandable that you’re scared but you’re not alone, you have Nina, Peaches avd all your friends here to support abd cheer you on when you need it 

  9. Welcome to AS suntosea. Take care Patti
  10. Ok cool, I just have a cell phone. No computer or tablet.
  11. I hope this isn't a stupid idea. Could we have pen pals and/or pm buddies. Maybe connect a survivor further in their healing. With someone who might be new to the healing process.
  12. That sounds great Cap. Thank all the staff for their hard work and dedication. I was wondering for those who can't zoom. Are there alternatives. I had a couple of ideas. If you would like me to share them. Thanks again. You all rock.
  13. Welcome to AS. I love your username to. Take care Patti
  14. Welcome to AS. You're not alone. Take care Patti
  15. Welcome to AS. I read your story. You're so brave. Winnie-the-Pooh is awesome. Hugs, if ok.
  16. Hi and welcome to AS. I'm sorry for the trauma you've been through. Though I'm glad you found us. You're not alone. You'll find a lot of caring and supportive people here. Take care Patti
  17. I'm  feeling better.  Physically very tired but not freaking out.

    I miss home and my AS family.

    Hugs if OK. Patti and peaches 

    1. Finchy


      So glad you're feeling better, Patti. ❤️ Keep taking gentle care of yourself. We're all here for you!

    2. Doll6


      Glad you’re feeling better Patti 

  18. Trying to be brave.  I get to come home next week. Yay.  Miss you all.  

    Sending hugs Patti and peaches 

    1. Finchy


      You can do it, Patti! You're so brave. ❤️ Sending you and Peaches hugs in return. :) 

    2. MeBeMary


      You are brave! Just believe it, we do! :throb: 


  19. I talked with therapist.   I'm getting ready to go  to the hospital.   I'll be ìn touch.

    Hugs Patti and peaches 

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    2. MeBeMary


      You are very brave to reach out to your T and ask for help. You've always been braver than you've known.

      Sending positive vibes and safe hugs. :hug: 

    3. Patti72


      Thanks so much for the hugs and encouragement. 

      Hugs Patti 

    4. waterlily13


      Good luck Patti, sending you lots of love and healing energy❤️

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