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  1. Hi there, I am also new here. Of course it is scary to share such vulnerable information, however it would appear that all of the responses I have seen thus far are trauma informed which is by far safer than what I expected, people seem slow and thoughtful to respond. In the land of triggers it is difficult to navigate relationships, but the rules and anonymity here both are helpful in promoting a safe space. My best to you
  2. Thank you so much that really means a lot to me since a lot of my support network has broken down for a variety of reasons, some are just too uncomfortable, like it is too heavy for them, some were not the healthiest of supporters I have learned since I have grown some and some are afraid because of threats that were made so they don’t want any involvement. I have been reading some which has been helpful and also I call hotlines sometimes once a week as well as meeting with my therapist. My dog also has my heart ❤️
  3. Hi Mary, thank you for your response and acknowledgment. I look forward to sharing and being a support to others also.
  4. Hello Knighk18, thank you for sharing your story. I am new here’s and am glad you are here. I too get into places where I will be stuck, sometimes for long periods and other times short. The presence of this forum in itself was helpful to me yesterday when I joined and right now as it serves to validate reality for me and remind me that I will be okay. Sending kindness.
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