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  1. I have to go in for STD and pregnancy tests tomorrow morning. Freaking out about that. How did I get myself into that situation? Why didn’t I stop him? I could have...or maybe I wouldn’t have been able to. I’m all sorts of messed up right now.

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    2. Alice...


      Thank you @Kmkz and @8888. I was tested yesterday morning. It was torturous. I still have to wait for the first round of results on Friday and then go back in 6 weeks later. I have to wait 6 weeks. I hate myself for putting myself in this situation. It’s really my fault. At least I’m not pregnant.

    3. 8888


      It's not your fault.  I'm glad you're not pregnant.  

    4. Alice...


      @8888 if you read my story you’ll see how it was my fault. This time and when I was 18.

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