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  1. Welcome, I too was abused as a young child and repressed it as long as I could. Recently it is something that seems to be more on my mind. I'm glad you found the site and that you have someone to talk to. It isn't easy, but you are on the right path and this is a safe place with lots of support. Safe Hugs, Heather
  2. Thank you... I'm glad to have found this site and support group. I have felt so all alone for awhile now. It's good to be here and it is a source of comfort.
  3. curandoagora

    cant sleep

    Memories seem to flood my mind at night. I so understand what you are feeling. I try very hard to focus on a happy moment or time. The mind is a strange thing. How it can hold on to something that we so deeply wish to forget. I hope you can find some happy memories to think about. Music is also a great idea. Anything that would be soothing.
  4. Thank you so much for asking. I feel very lucky to have been referred to this site. It really is amazing how much it means to have messages like yours. I am doing okay... really just trying to process things. I have repressed the experience for so long that now it is just flooding back into my mind and I can't seem to shut it off, I'm not even sure what triggered it. I want to be a "survivor," not a victim, so I will keep working and use the resources on this site. It's nice to know there are others out there that understand. It really means so much!
  5. Thank you! Just hearing that I'm never alone in this makes all the difference! I'm ready to let the healing begin -- it is so long overdue.
  6. Hi everyone, A friend recommended this site as a place to begin healing. I look forward to sharing eventually and becoming part of a community that understands and knows what I am going through. Most of all, I look forward to not feeling alone anymore.
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