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  1. hey MJ! welcome to AS this is such a great community for survivors of.....well.....stuff. Hope you are doin ok and PM if you ever need to talk I'll be thinking of you!
  2. hey new girl welcome to AS and hope you do find solace here -Katie
  3. hey wow it sounds like you are going through quite a lot! no wonder why it feels as if things are starting to 'bubble' over and trying to escape. Just wanted to let you know I am here for you and everyone on AS is very supportive and tactful, unlike a lot of people we encounter in day-to-day life. Hope you are doing ok, and hugs (if ok)! -Katie
  4. hey Corinn! (((hugs))) if okay -Katie
  5. welcome John to AS! hope this site is helpful, it has been extremely helpful for me so far, we are all here for you! hugs -Katie
  6. hey Elisabeth, welcome to AS from what I have learned so far through the posts and all (new member as well) this site is amazing and I think you will find a lot of compassion and empathy here. WELCOME & ttyl!
  7. Hi everyone, I've recently joined this site and I am finding it very comforting so far, on the posts everyone seems so warm and empathatic! I was recommended to join by my therapist, and here I am lol. In short, my incident (I can't say the word yet sorry) happened on June 10, 2007 and since then my life has been a definite rollercoaster. Only this past week I have started to have random memories of things that may have happened in my childhood....if you know what I mean (and I can't say that word either) and just remembering those things is very unsettling. I will share my story at some point, but I am not ready yet. Still trying to grasp the concept that what I think had happened during childhood happened, and still trying to move on with my life after "the incident"...this is really hard just thinking about it makes me upset and scared, I have to stop now. If you read this, thank you for at least reading, I appreciate it.
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