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  1. That was golden! Love the pic! When my son stinks up the bathroom, I go in and imediately say, Oh Ry***! He says, you're welcome! Boys!
  2. If only this was all this pain was a temporary experience that didnt linger!
  3. Re-Intro (got carried away last time)

    I am sorry to hear this! I hope you are doing ok, I am sure it is hard!
  4. @Capulet It took me three days to read this, I am sorry this happened to you, it makes me cringe every time I hear or read things like this! safe hugs
  5. My birthday

    I am sorry you are heartbroken on your birthday! I just joined AS, so Happy Belated Birthday! I know they can be hard, I know that mine is a traumatizing as well! I understand!