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  1. It's been months since my daughter's case was thrown out because her attacker is not competent to stand trial or plea , I'm still mad and I'm still going crazy inside but I think about this was is competent? How can it be ruled hes not competent? He was competent enough to assault my child and enough to continue to look back at the door and make sure no one was coming , he was competent enough to hold his hand over her mouth! I just can't believe he got away with it no counseling nothing at all free to do this to another child free to grow into an adult and continue to do this. In march it will be one year since the assault even though my child is doing much better I can't get past the feeling that hes free to hurt another child . I pray all the time that God makes this right and stops him from claiming another victim. I've thought of going public but again this is where the justice system knows they have you , I don't want my sweet 6 year old daughter to be looked at differently I don't want strangers to judge my child. I hate that I failed my child I should have never left her with the babysitter that day and I should have claimed justice that night with my bare hands I should have ended the cycle . Daily my heart breaks that I failed my daughter and daily it reminds me that I'm not a good mother if I was it wouldn't have happened to her she wouldn't be going through what I went through as a child. I swore that if I ever had children it would never happen to them so I have always been over protective of my children and I still don't understand why it had to happen to my child or any child! I done everything right my child was in her own home for Gods sake! Fuck the justice system fuck rapist and fuck the mothers of rapist that know what their children are and don't end that shit! Fuck you Mary! Fuck the cycle of boys and men hurting children and women!
  2. I'm Angry beyond angry , He is a child a child that hurt my child . He is 11 and yes he has down syndrome but that doesn't change what happened what he did. Im more angry with his mother why would she take him to my house ? why would she just let him inside my house? Why did my babysitter let her do it? Why is my biggest question, I did everything I could to protect my children ! Its not right that she gets to walk around with her son and everyone treats him like he's a victim nothing happened to him! and now if the court says he's not competent to stand trail what happens? But yet he was competent to commit the crime!
  3. I have three beautiful children and a wonderful husband I even had a great job. What I dont have are good family members from my side . In January of 2019 I got a call from my older sister she has 4 kids her husband had hit her and left she was in a bad situation and needed somewhere to go against my gut I went with my husband and picked her and her kids up and took them into my home to live I got her a job with my boss and I got my boss to let her and her children stay in one of her properties so she would be 3 hrs away from her now x husband and no one would find her , on January 25th I quit my job due to things happening with our boss. My sister continued to work for her . On the morning of March the 2nd my husband and I were going to help my inlaws move into their new house we left our three kids with our long time babysitter we will call her V , V lived next door with my mother and her husband and her two kids . As always we left them in Vs care. I'm a very over protective because of what happened to me as a child, we have cameras in the living room and my rules are no one in or out of the house if we aren't home. My mother texted me around lunch time asking if her kids could play with mine I said no because we aren't home and that I didn't want anyone in my house. As always through the day I texted with V asking about the kids she always said they were fine. Around 7pm my husband asked if I had checked the camera to see if our older two had been on their games all day I hadn't so I looked at the footage on my phone as I was scrolling through something caught my attention I looked and saw a kid that wasn't mine, my heart began to beat so fast I stopped the scrolling and let it play , my five year old was on the couch watching TV my front door opened and my mother let her 11 year old son who I'll call P into my house she stayed outside on my front porch with V. He stood watching the TV for about 5 mins then he went and sat down next to my daughter then he pulled her close next to him , mind you he weighs over 100 lbs and she weighs around 47 lbs , I watch as it gets worse and worse he sexually assaulted my child , the cops say sexual assault I say rape because that's what it was. I called the police immediately and got into my car and heard for home I called V and told her I was coming home and I told her what I had seen she begged me to tell her it didn't happen, I called my mother and cussed her out and told her I was calling the police my brother in law beat me home my husband had called him and said to go to our house and send V home and to stay until we arrived. I got home went straight to my kids my daughter age 5 was sitting on the living room floor she seemed like she was in a daze when she saw me she cried I cried and I'm crying again now as I type this. When the first cop arrived I could barely tell him what happened so I gave him the phone and let him see and he asked where the kid was etc I told him, his Sargent arrived I over heard him ask if my child had screamed at any point I saw red I went off on them both, shortly a female detective arrived she asked alot of questions and sat viewing the video she then told me we needed to go to the ER. I quickly got my daughter and a change of clothes and we took her in all of this my phone kept ringing it was my sister who I'll call B I didn't answer we went to the Er and thank God the detective handled telling the doctors because I just couldn't all I could do was hold my baby and try not to cry in front of her . When we got done and went home I gave her a bath and my husband went to lay down with her she only wanted him. The calls kept coming from B so I answered my own sister opened with threatening me and my family because I called the police she told me how she was going to stab me and that I would pay for this that my husband would pay for this and she even had the nerve to say it must have been my daughters fault! 😡 this continued calls and text until 3:30 am I called the police and told them to make her stop. The next day my mother left with her kids and husband and went to stay 3 hrs away with my sister and my sisters kids. I had meetings with the detective she advised me this would be a long process and I had to take a 50b order out on my sister. Over the next few days i stayed with my children all of us were together i tried to think of things to say and do with them i feel like i failed that part because i was so angry and couldn't make anything right for my child. On March 20th my husband came home with my son and when he got home next door was my ex boss her dad and two other people with a uhaul as soon as he pulled in they all had their phones video taping him , his car and our house we couldn't do anything because they weren't on our property. On the night of March 25th it was around 11 PM police officers came to my house and arrested myself and my husband when we finally got in front of a magistrate he told me that my ex boss mother and sister were accusing me and my husband of stealing items from the house she lives in.. we were bailed out around 5 am and at 8:30 met the detective for my daughter's safe child interview I told the detective what had happened she was pissed but sadly she couldn't do anything to help. We have been fighting these charges and fighting for my daughter's case for months now and I'm broken my marriage is almost broke I feel . My daughter isnt getting better she is still suffering and I know from my own childhood experience it isnt easy even with the therapy. These people have hurt us so much and are walking around happy.
  4. Two days ago I did what I thought I would never have to do. I went to the police station and reported what my stepfather did to me 14 years ago. I went in and I told him everything and the pain I felt with every word was terrible it brought all the feelings right back. He then told me he would go to the DA and that he would charge that monster and arrest him, today I get a phone call from the detective the DA wouldn't just let him take the warrant out they need me to come in for a video taped interview because he said it would be my word against his . I want to end this horrible cycle.
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