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  1. It's been months since my daughter's case was thrown out because her attacker is not competent to stand trial or plea , I'm still mad and I'm still going crazy inside but I think about this was is competent? How can it be ruled hes not competent? He was competent enough to assault my child and enough to continue to look back at the door and make sure no one was coming , he was competent enough to hold his hand over her mouth! I just can't believe he got away with it no counseling nothing at all free to do this to another child free to grow into an adult and continue to do this. In march it wil
  2. I'm Angry beyond angry , He is a child a child that hurt my child . He is 11 and yes he has down syndrome but that doesn't change what happened what he did. Im more angry with his mother why would she take him to my house ? why would she just let him inside my house? Why did my babysitter let her do it? Why is my biggest question, I did everything I could to protect my children ! Its not right that she gets to walk around with her son and everyone treats him like he's a victim nothing happened to him! and now if the court says he's not competent to stand trail what happens? But yet he was comp
  3. I have three beautiful children and a wonderful husband I even had a great job. What I dont have are good family members from my side . In January of 2019 I got a call from my older sister she has 4 kids her husband had hit her and left she was in a bad situation and needed somewhere to go against my gut I went with my husband and picked her and her kids up and took them into my home to live I got her a job with my boss and I got my boss to let her and her children stay in one of her properties so she would be 3 hrs away from her now x husband and no one would find her , on January 25th I quit
  4. Two days ago I did what I thought I would never have to do. I went to the police station and reported what my stepfather did to me 14 years ago. I went in and I told him everything and the pain I felt with every word was terrible it brought all the feelings right back. He then told me he would go to the DA and that he would charge that monster and arrest him, today I get a phone call from the detective the DA wouldn't just let him take the warrant out they need me to come in for a video taped interview because he said it would be my word against his . I want to end this horrible cycle.
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