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    Sharing and seeing if anyone else is like me

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  1. I am so glad you guys replied. When people look at your post, and then dont reply, it makes you, or at least makes me feel like a freak.
  2. Am I a freak or something? People keep looking at my post, but no one is saying anything. I know there are FAR more serious issues here, but is anyone like me?
  3. Im 36. Im married and have a great family. I was abused by a family friend when i was 13. He was 30. Now, Im a sex addict, spending time in chat rooms and having sex with lots of people. Im always safe, but I need sex all the time. My wife doesnt know, and I would NEVER risk telling her. SO, here I am, a sex addict, but I dont know if thats just a cop out or not. Im confused. I feel REALLY guilty about this, and wondered if I should even come on here. After all, whats more dangerous than a sex addict hanging out with other people that could be the same way.
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