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  1. Hello @Rian, I am sorry that you have experienced trauma. Welcome to AS. I am also very new here. It is very brave of you to start posting, I know how hard it is to start talking about your trauma. If You need someone to chat with feel free to message me.
  2. Thank you for welcoming me. I really look forward to being able to chat with everyone. To find support and to also be supportive. You should get the rocking chair refurbished, I love older furniture so much more than new furniture, I just think it has so much more character.
  3. Hello Everyone, I have been looking for some kind of social support for months. I have not been able to find anything, until last night, I came across this site. I hope connecting with people will help me. A little about myself: I am a graduate student, I have two Pomeranians, I like going for walks, and I like to remake furniture. I look forward to talking with others.
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