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  1. Good morning, i am sorry that you are going through all this. PTSD sucks and it isn't fun to deal with. I can relate with the past getting in the way with a relationship. I am currently in a relationship and i am having a hard time being there for her and putting her first. My head keeps getting away and allowing the past to push away. If you want to ever reach out to me i am always here to listen, you can private message me anytime.
  2. Hey I am seeing a therapist as well. If you ever need to talk you can private message me anytime.
  3. I am here to listen you can private message me
  4. Welcome to AS. I am sorry that you went through that. If you ever need to vent or advice feel free to message me.
  5. Hello everyone. So lately i have been either day dreaming of my ex hurting me again or day dreaming of the good times we had together. I am very happy with my Current GF and I am very confused as to why i am day dreaming of my ex of the good times. I can't stand what she did to me and my family so it is frustrating. Does anyone know why i am having these dreams??
  6. I am sorry for your Trauma but Welcome to AS. I was really nervous when I started using AS, but it has been such a positive experience and the people are great. If you ever need to talk to someone feel free to message me.
  7. Aww thanks. Yes some days are harder then most days
  8. Hello my name is Trisha, I was in an abusive relationship for 5 years with an alcoholic. Toward the end she abused me almost everyday. It got to the point where I was always scared I left her back in August and seeked counseling. My councillor was wonderful and i learned alot from her. However, i still feel myself daydreaming of the past and getting angry. I am just reaching out to know that i am not alone.
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