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    My name is Kim , I really do have a soul .

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  1. Hello

    Hello Connor , I'm sorry you have to be here but glad you found us . This is an amazing place full of some of the nicest people you will find . I carry them around with me in my heart when I'm having a bad day , their really good at helping me get through the tough times . And their always there with a safe hug and ready to sit quiet with you if needed . And so am I . Just let us know what you need if its to just vent or to just sit quiet , we will be here for you . safe hugs if okay
  2. I hope it can help you get through Darkroom , I'm sorry you're going through a trying time . If you need to lean on someone I'm here always . Safe hugs if okay And remember one day at a time , that day leads to two days and then a week .
  3. Hello (:

    Welcome to AS . We are all here for each other with safe hugs or to just sit if needed . We are also good listeners as well . Sorry for everything you have been through . Safe hugs if okay
  4. Hi

    Welcome You have taken your first step , baby steps . One day at a time , you will be just fine you can do this . safe hugs if okay
  5. Hello

    Hi Patti72 , welcome safe hugs
  6. I'm getting married!

    I was abused at a young age . But I met my husband at a young age , when i met him I knew he would love and protect me for the rest of my life . My abuse ended around the age of 12 . I met him shortly before my 16th birthday . He gave me a promise ring for my 16th birthday I wasn't allowed to date . But he still came over every evening to watch TV with me and yes I did tell him about the abuse . The 31st of this month we celebrate 37 years of marriage and two kids , three grand kids . Your heart knows .
  7. I'm new to this site and haven't posted much but one thing I can tell you all is we are all damaged in one way or another . But another thing I have learned is when we let our abusers keep us from doing something with our friends or when they take a smile from us they are getting miles on us , and as long as we let them they will continue to take those miles away from us . There are people out there in this world that can't live with out hurting others in one way or another , there the ones taking our miles . My damage was done so long ago but recently started getting triggered . I almost missed some wonderful memories with my gran-kids because i was in the store and heard a man laugh . I didn't know that man but yet the man that had done what he did to me all those years ago was still getting miles on me . we have to just say stop . I know its not easy I have lived the nightmare for over 40 years , the triggers just bring more ugliness out . But I'm not letting him take any more from me . I know how it feels to be triggered but think about it , just stop and breath and let the moment pass . I'm sure there are a lot of you missing out on life . Take your life bake . See a therapist or counselor . don't live your life in fear and wake up 40 years later and realize the boogy men are all dead and you have been hiding from nothing . I know its real , trust me . from the age of about 4 until 11 or 12 I know how real it is . If this is offensive to anyone in anyway I'm sorry . I think we should all life each other up and hold each other up . We all get tired from standing so lean on each other , lean on me if you need to . I almost gave up and gave in . I have to much to live for and to much to offer my grand kids for that . I cant let my abusers take another mile , I'm taking them all back with a smile on my face and a happy song in my heart . Safe hugs to you how feel its okay .