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Survivor Amy

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  1. You just mirrored everything I feel and why I have begun logging into this support site and reached out to begin therapy again. I hope you find the peace you are looking for that you unquestionably deserve.
  2. Survivor Amy

    i want to die

    @awi Sorry for the response delay. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. I would like to send a gentle hug back if that's acceptable. Wherever you are, whatever you face, and whatever you do I hope it's ok to remind you that you're not alone and peace will find you. Everyday you will grow stronger and I have faith in your ability to keep moving forward.
  3. Survivor Amy

    i want to die

    @awi I just wanted to say that I think you articulated those feelings very well. I feel like I have such a strong bond (if I'm allowed to say so) with everyone that shares the same pain even though I've never met or will ever meet just based upon these strong emotions we all carry. It's amazing to me how strong we all have to be to the outside world but here I feel I can finally shed the burden a little at a time in hopes to heal. I too want to have the remainder of my life for me and not feel locked in this emotional prison and not go another day feeling angry or sad.
  4. Survivor Amy

    What if?

    Dear What If, I want him to suffer too, Your perpetrator and mine. I wish you peace and in moving forward and know that you are not alone here.
  5. Survivor Amy

    Long days

    Dear Long Days, The days for me drag too... some more than others. For me, the depressive spiral can be hard to get out of. I keep a small roll-on oil of my preferred fragrance (lemon, and it's cheap in a health food store) in my purse and smelling it reminds me of a different memory and helps to push me in a positive direction. I know it's a small suggestion but I hope it's one that provides some relief to you on some of the times that won't pass quick enough.
  6. Dear Almost 6 years, This site is new to me and so is reaching out so I hope you continue to. I understand your statement about others possibly feeling the healing process should be complete, I feel the same. The healing journey is yours and I hope you take the time to heal on your own time table. I wish you peace and calmness and hope to continue hearing from you.
  7. Survivor Amy

    i want to die

    I always hated the expression, "I know how you feel" so I won't use it. I do have similar thoughts and feelings and I'm here to respond and listen to whatever you need to pour onto the screen. I'm tearing up from just responding to you and feeling the pain that you express since it's my own. I hope you keep writing since I'm new to this blog and the experience of chatting.
  8. Survivor Amy

    My Story

    I am so prod of you for taking the steps to heal, I am trying to take them with you on this sight as well here and just know that you are not alone.
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