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  1. This is an amazing community and there is almost always someone here to talk to. Plus in a few days we’ll have the chat option again. Take as much time as you need and share when you feel comfortable. Welcome to AS @Survivor_!!
  2. @mess take all the time you need. It doesn’t matter if it happened yesterday or 100 years ago your feelings are still valid and very real. I’m having a brain fog day... when you say reaching out to other people do you mean us or in real life? Someone is pretty much always here if you need to talk (and they’re within days of having a chatroom option again). Have you tried working with a therapist? Having the right one is a godsend but they can be hard to find. Welcome to AS!!
  3. @cryingred welcome to AS! I hope you can find safety and guidance here. The people here are amazing and it’s nice to have others to talk to any time of the day or night.
  4. Hi csprin and welcome to AS. I didn’t know we had a pet thread so I’m glad they tagged it here. I’m still learning what’s here as well and mostly trying to gain enough courage to post.
  5. Hi Shara! They really did pick the perfect name for this group. I’m happy you found it and I hope it leads to additional healing.
  6. Hiya @violetsmum!! Welcome to AS! A weird cat is a good thing, isn’t it? They were God’s once and they’ll never let us forget it. Luckily all mine does is shed and sleep between laser light sessions (he’s obsessed with it).
  7. Hi @Dragonfly6, sometimes even decades aren’t enough time to heal. This group is amazing and there is always someone here who can lend an ear or offer support.
  8. Welcome to AS @InfiniteAbby!! This is such an amazing community!
  9. Hi ABS55 I’m living a similar life as the past 40+ years have caused me so much pain that I’m hoping to help by being here.
  10. Hi Riseaboveitall! I hope you can find some comfort her at AS.
  11. Hi Dannie I agree time doesn’t heal all wounds. It seems like sometime they get worse and more jagged and painful with time.
  12. Hi Sybilscrush!! Welcome to AS!
  13. Hi Amsekhmet!! My story is similar to yours in that a loved one hurt me while I was drugged. I’m so very full of anger and hate toward him that is strangles me. I fell like this rage is suffocating and am hoping to find an outlet here. Welcome to AS.
  14. Hi Peacefuldaydream welcome and thank you for your service.
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