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  1. Hello, I recently started therapy for childhood sexual abuse last June - maybe not so recent but i'm getting the sense that even a year of therapy is relatively new considering the work ahead. My therapist recommended that I utilize online services as an introduction to peer led support. I'm appreciative of the space and also pretty tentative about the whole experience. I'd sort of like to pretend like I never opened this up and go back to my old life (understandably, not an option) and there are times that I do just to get a break. I think the reason I'm trying this out is that I'm feeling like a broken record in therapy in regards to telling my story and still feel this pent up sense around my history...like there is just so much to cathart or maybe that I still feel alone because my family is so tainted now that I've opened this up that nothing really feels "safe". I'm hopeful that I can feel more a sense of community and healing with mutual stories and people who may have a more true sense of sympathy. I also have the, what feels like snobbish, belief that I'll always be alone in this and so I should just shut it down and clam it up. Obviously, I am trying to push against my internal grain and breath into this work. I'd like to be on the other side of this...whatever that means. Thank you for creating this space.