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  1. Kenzi


    Thank you. It means a lot to feel welcome to speak about my past and not feel so burdensome on the closest people in my life. Most know enough about my past but I often feel bad unloading some of this weight onto them. So I try my best not to. I'm happier to have a place to share. However unfortunate the circumstances are... It helps. Thank you, again.
  2. Kenzi


    I don't even know how to begin. I'm trying to just live... But I still deal with so much guilt. I've edited this, so hopefully no one reads before I completed. I've dealt with triggers lately and don't feel like I have many to talk to. So I decided to look into online support groups and found this one. I'm hopeful this will help my healing. I have told people in my life about what happened. Some know everything and some know an edited version. But I currently don't have the same people I did when my SA happened. So I need to find help and somewhere to talk more freely about my past abuse.
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