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  1. I started my new sleep medicine last night and the increased dose of my antidepressant this morning. It felt strange at the beginning of the day as the sleep medicine(which is also an antidepressant) wore off in the early morning and the increased day dose started to kick in. Grocery stores, in particular, make me very anxious. I went grocery shopping with my boyfriend today for the first time in weeks. I started to get anxious and got clumsy which made it worse. I even tried to bolt back to the car. But I was able to calm down fairly quickly and made it all the way through the trip without having an attack. This is a small success but success all the same. I am actually kinda proud of myself. I was also able to go to a new place that was fairly crowded and did very well. I will post pictures soon.

    1. Bluesclues


      Congrats to the success! I hope your body adjusts quickly. 

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