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  1. oh yeah gotta love that one! I just wanna scream, "'Cause this is the only problem in my life too." Like all of the sudden I stop having other problems in addition to dealing with SA. Get real, it just adds to the already tumultuous burden I was carrying before it happened. Dim-witted fuckwads! *'scuse my language.*
  2. A boy at my summer camp found out, and told me, "You know what they say, Vice is nice, but Incest is best". ----stupid fuckwit! Isn't it nice to have such a supportive mom "You know you are going to have problems if you keep dwelling on it" ---because that is what I do, like I catch myself and think, hmmmm I am not thinking about the most painful memories in my life, so I guess I should start. "That happened years ago, aren't you would be over it by now if you would have given it to god." "Every time you cut yourself you open yourself up for demonic possession." "Therapy and psycholog
  3. fhtf


    Hey all, thanks for the hearty welcome!
  4. fhtf


    Well this is officially my first post in the forum. I was told by a friend that this was a good site for survivors so I thought that I'd check it out. I am a survivor of CSA and r*pe. Just checking this place out. fhtf (It stands for forgotten how to fly)
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