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  1. Hi *waves* I did the same. I googled looking for some sort of help. Not sure if counselling is right for me as I am scared about raising too many demons. The first step is done. Well done for taking the first step with me
  2. M1l0


    Ah yes, the work breakdown. I have had a few of those corkers! Dont be too hard on yourself. Recognize that it happened and understand there is so much help out there for you. Take some time and allow yourself to heal x
  3. M1l0


    I had a similar experience when telling my parents. It is a very lonely feeling. I hope this forum can help you see that you are not alone, and that comfort can come from within. Now youve opened that bottle, just be brave and seek help. Youve done the first step by coming here x
  4. I understand, I did exactly the same for over 20 years - pretend it never happened and maybe it didn't!? I agree with the comments above about reading but I personally find that anything too specific about past abuse is too hard, I find it can raise deep rooted hidden emotions too hard to process without the help of a trusted counselor Get a journal. That way you can get all of the stuff in your head out and burn it after if you need, just get it out and dont hold back. Thats very helpful for me
  5. Hi same, same. Adult survivor of childhood abuse that I buried for most of my adult life until now its out there. Glad to see there is so much support out there x
  6. Just make sure they know you are there for them, you believe them and you love them just as much as you did before <3
  7. M1l0


    Hi, I am new today too! Also planning a wedding - we are getting married next year and my fiance was the first human I ever told about my abuse. Absolute hero When are you getting married?xxx
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