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    Is it possible I’m dealing with ptsd from my emotional abuse, psychological abuse and sexual abuse? Is so what are the symptoms? I’m scared he is coming to look for me., I am just scared, I can’t sleep, I’m dealing with flashbacks, I don’t trust myself etc... what can I do to help get passed this? Please help me I’m so anxious, tired and afraid
  2. chahari2000

    I did it

    I have taken a big step today. I blocked his number from my cell phone. The calls and texts were making me anxious so I don’t want to hear it anymore. I thought I should keep just getting the texts because it is better to know which way the hurricane is coming from but in the end it was making me nervous and afraid.
  3. chahari2000


    He won’t stop messaging and calling me. I go a few days at a time where things are quite and then I am overwhelmed with calls, texts and voicemails. Asking me how I am, guilting me and marriage proposals. It’s been three weeks since we broke up. I have told him to leave me alone and my mother has told him to leave me alone. This has to stop soon right? I am so tired.
  4. Welcome to the site. I myself am a new member looking for support. I just want you to know that you are not alone.
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