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  1. So I have my very first counseling appointment coming up on Thursday morning and let me tell you, I am very scared for what is about to happen. Getting this appointment has been a roller coaster of emotions, cause they had to put me on a waiting list before I actually got this appointment, and it has been very annoying for me to deal with scheduling it because I have had a very busy month and have literally no time to myself to relax, unless I compromise schoolwork, working, and/or everything else I am juggling. I am starting to think more and more about this appointment and I have felt the
  2. So I finally decided to stop pushing off making a counseling appointment yesterday. I was going to get the free counseling for students they offer for everyone. Well I called yesterday and they said I would have to wait until the office manager called me today to sort things out, which I found annoying but I could live with. Well this morning before my classes, I saw I had a missed call and voicemail from an unknown number. The message was telling me that they didn't have room for them to take me in for counseling. How can they say this is a free service for all students that everyone ca
  3. So today I went to a doctors appointment and told her about my SA and the anxiety I've had in the past year and how it's skyrocketed. I know getting put on meds for it isn't a huge step to some people, but to me it is. I always told myself I would wait until getting out of school (I'm a senior in college this year) to go get any help for it, so even though I've pushed it off too much and I know I've probably caused more damage than good, this is a huge step for me. It won't get rid of all of my problems or anxiety or anything, but I think I'm ready for this step to try and start making myse
  4. elaina


    I don't know what to do anymore. My flashbacks are starting to get really bad again, I feel like I'm always anxious and always having to watch out for predators, even if I'm alone in a locked room. I know what I've been through and that it's probably always going to cause issues like this, but why do I have to always feel this way whenever I'm alone. I hate feeling so vulnerable that I can't sleep without having some sort of nightmare. I hate everything about this. I didn't ask to be SA'd, so why do the two guys get to walk away with no consequences whatsoever but I'm forced to suffer for
  5. Hi all! I just need to let some stuff off my chest so I can maybe start to focus a little better and not always seem like such a downer. (I don't know if I seem rude to others but I know I've definitely been a lot sassier and more mouthy within these past few weeks) So life lately has been very hectic, I'm working 30+ hours each week plus 2 online classes which I'm trying to get basically done within the next week or so, so that way I can have at least a few weeks of "relaxing" before my fall semester classes start up again. I know, working 30 hours and having only 2 classes isn't t
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