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  1. @nordic.panda I felt the same exact way when I first joined. My thread is titled “Is how I feel ok?” In the aftermath forum.

    Whenever I minimize what I’ve gone through I re-read that thread. Some of my abusers didn’t even touch me but the mental affects have been tremendous. Abuse is abuse and assault is assault. You deserve to be here. 

    So many have offered validation for me and I am offering it to you. If you were assaulted in anyway it’s not ok. You deserve to be here! You deserve support! You deserve to heal!


  2. @Zazka I am glad that you were brave and joined the site! I’ve only been a member for about 2 weeks and I have gotten a tremendous amount of support. I know you will get the same. 

    I am here if you need a friend. :supportu:

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