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  1. @DisposableDannie I hear you! I’m new in this might not be an allowed response, but I hear you. I know it sucks, I know the sickness those memories cause, but it can’t be what holds us down. That power to keep life from moving cannot be given to the hurtful things that happen, don’t allow it too; it doesn’t deserve that power.
  2. K-anon


    Hi all. I’m new. It’s my first time really entering this realm of people since I’m not very good at accepting what happened. Lately though things have been rough. My boyfriend has admitted it’s too much for him when I have those nights of breakdown remember that horrible moment. The one person I thought understood and was there to comfortable me is no longer there and I can’t bottle it up again because the bottle was already opened. Now I’m stuck in my own madness feeling alone, scarred, disgusted, and tired of living. -K-anon
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