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  1. Hi, My names Dannie I’m 23 , and I’m trapped in an abyss filled with darkness. I have been destroyed, ripped to shreds and I can’t even see myself the girl that’s in the mirror looking back at me it on so much pain and she tired of attempting to let out her story but nobody’s ready to listen. For years the pain got worse I thought the saying was time heals, well it doesn’t at least not for me the sad thing is that the man that took my flower wasn’t the only reason I’m the way I am, broken. I have a thousand he was just the icing on the cake. Life is getting better but my past still haunts me I can still her his voice I see him in my dreams the thought of him so close make my skin crawl and my hairs stand up. Im ready to runaway from the darkness I just need someone to hear my story.
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