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  1. Sudden very disturbing memory from him and mum, just as they'll celebrate their 24 years of marriage. No wonder I'm so messed up

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    2. Citizenerased


      @Hidden1 Thank you so much. I might take you up on the offer but afraid I'd be a burden

    3. Hidden1


      @Citizenerased no you’re not! Feel free to DM or inbox me. 

    4. Angelonia


      @Citizenerased I'm sorry you had a disturbing memory.  I've been uncovering memories too.  It can be painful and unsettling.  I hope you are doing okay.

  2. He says he loves me so why can't I really believe it or stop feeling like damaged goods?

  3. Welcome @lilbutterfly and what a big step it is to have joined here. You are very brave. Is your T specialised in sexual abuse and trauma? My previous one was so it made it easier to approach as she knew I was here for SA already. I started my healing with books, lots and lots of books and they helped tremendously. Happy to share titles if you need
  4. Thank you all for your warm welcome. It means a lot
  5. @Capulet thank you. I think this place will really help. Wish I had known about it years ago. I find it very comforting to not feel completely alone in my feelings anymore
  6. Welcome I just joined too. Looking forward to getting to know you
  7. To my stepdad You're the liar I hope you suffer forever Molesting isn't love You're a monster I'm still standing and strong To my mum You're no mum You're dead to me I'll always protect my daughters
  8. Hi everyone! I'm so glad to have found this place. I'm in a phase of my recovery where I'm struggling. Trying to work on my years of repressed memories. I'm hoping conversing and reading your stories will help me move forward. It will be great to talk to people who 'get it' too. I look forward to getting to know you all.
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