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  1. Kaychip, here's another possibility for the meaning of EMDR: Every Member Deserves Respect. _____________________ I think I will stop with that. Happy healing from a crappy feeling, Kaychip
  2. I am new to "aftersilence." I have lived in "silence" for way to long. I am grateful to learn about this on-line place and I am hoping that I might have found a place where I belong. As I try to navigate around in this site, please don't think that I am not grateful for any feedback that is offered to me. I would appreciate any help or comments. I am not very good at www's, .org's, or anything else to do with computers. I won't give up trying to figure it out though. Living in silence has made it too easy to give up on everything. I don't want to do either of those anymore. Thank you all.
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