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  1. @Citizenerased I would appreciate the titles of the books that helped you, and thank you for your kind words. Thank you @MeBeMary and @Struggling88for the kind welcome.
  2. Hello, For years I've been having difficulty facing what happened to me and tried to block it all out. I disconnected my emotions from the events and I shut down, all i felt was numbness, I never was able to accept that I was hurt so badly. Due to some recent events I finally started to let my emotions out and accept that I was raped. I joined to find some support and people to relate to. I've also taken a big step and scheduled an appointment with a professional to help me through. I would appreciate any advice on how to bring up trauma to a therapist so I can get the help I need. Any talk about how you were able to begin your healing process would also be greatly appreciated Thank you, Butterfly
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