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  1. Thank you to all for your wonderful welcome. Unusual for so many people to respond to a hello post. Seems to be a very supportive community, although I think maybe I'm positively geriatic here at 48 years. Thanks again. TexasKitty
  2. 48 years old. Life has little meaning. Melted down in 2003 and haven't got much better since. PDOCs hand out this pill and that pill, this diagnosis and that diagnosis. Your Bipolar my dear. However, severe PTSD can look just like Bipolar. So I work on the PTSD. Sometimes its like a trip to h*ll. I am tired of this. I do what they say, and I still have major problems. The only good thing is I've kept my job. I have two cats Buddy and Pushkin. I lost my beloved Sophie at 18 years of age just a few months ago she slept by my pillow every night of her life except for her last. Life pretty w
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