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  1. @Citizenerased welcome! I am new here as well and I wish you peace and courage on your healing journey! I look forward to growing with you. I know that reading the stories here have already helped me to feel more validated and comfortable with my own story.
  2. violet985


    Welcome @0Kelly0!And welcome @Amber01! I'm new here as well. I'm looking forward to growing and healing together!
  3. Hi @DisposableDannie. I am so sorry that you feel broken, and for what you have experienced. You are already finding your path to healing by reaching out. We are here for you, we are listening, and we believe you. I have felt the same way; the years go by and the memories just seem to get worse. But you are brave and powerful! They are not stronger than you! Be patient and kind to yourself.
  4. Thank you both @Free2Fly and @silentg. I have finals next week so I will probably not be posting much for a little while, but I found that picture and wanted to share.
  5. Hello everyone! I joined about a week ago and I have been exploring the site. I am so grateful to find such an open, supportive online community for survivors. I am truly impressed with this resource; it has been tremendously powerful to read about the experiences of others. It is easy to feel isolated and alone after abuse, harboring deep-seated self-blame and shame, and many other complicated emotions. I have rarely been able to connect with other people who feel the same way, so thank you all for sharing. It means so much just not to be alone. A little bit about me. I live in Washington state, USA. I am a twenty-five-year-old undergraduate student. I'm studying liberal arts, and I practice the martial art of aikido as well as Zen Buddhism. I want to teach pre-K through 3rd grade. I love hiking and nature. I'm also interested in activism. I am a very calm, caring person but I struggle with anxiety and depression which often makes it difficult for me to connect deeply with other people, especially in person. This site might be particularly interesting to me because I used to use online forums as an escape and a way to talk to people during the years that I experienced abuse. That's actually how I met my boyfriend! It is still very hard for me to talk to people about my experiences but I hope with the help of his community that I will be able to process and move forward. I don't want those people to still have power over me and my emotions. In just the short time I've been reading your posts, I feel a new sense of strength and hope. I hope I can contribute to this wonderful project in service of those who need help! Sending love and hugs! -violet PS. I found this image online and it reminded me of you all Roots in gratitude, honoring our pain, seeing with new eyes, and going forth. It is a cycle. You are valuable and you deserve to live your life fully. Edit: I hope this post is not too sunny. It makes me feel better to express positivity, but I know many of our lives have been filled with anguish and hardship. I am so sorry for what everyone has had to go through to be here. But I also know that if you have found your way here, then you are taking steps toward finding healing. All I mean is that I wish everyone the best on that journey, and I look forward to growing together.
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