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    I love writing. I love walks. I am obsessed with music. I love to dance. also helping others

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  1. it's almost been 6 years since my raped happened, I still recount everything that happened that day and in a day can change your whole life. A lot of people are probably thinking what I'm doing here and why I'm in this group or shouldn't I be healed by now. Well I've put so much walls up and I was in so much denial from it for almost 6 years I denied that I got raped until all those walls came down and I stopped being in denial about what happened to me. We took it to the police, he was 17 and I was 13 when it happened but it still went to court and I was suppose to testify against him and I s
  2. Hello, its been 6 years this year that I got raped and I still haven't forgiven the who raped me and I don't think I ever will. Even with hearing him say "I am sorry and I hope you heal" in court. I don't believe he meant it because I think in that 8 letter sentence he wanted to just toucher me with his voice, it does destroy your life and you try not to let it but it does. im sorry if this is hurts you you bugs you but can I ask did you keep the baby? I am here if you need anything and honestly I hope you heal. I am sitting with you!
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