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  1. Oh my gosh wow. Thank you all for the support! I was so nervous no one would respond at all. I am so hopeful as I start this new portion of my journey and I hope I can learn and grow here. Find a way back to myself and the world.
  2. Hi everyone. I'm new here, and obviously nervous. I have never been someone who uses the internet or social sites. Typing this feels so weird, but I am desperate to try something new. I would love any advice. I already made one posted in Therapy about medication problems and was so grateful for the supporting messages I finally received. I feel like this place could really help me, but I am so nervous. So... Any advice would be so great! I've read through the guidelines but that only helps someone like me so much. Where should I go first? What is sitting or staying with someone? What should I talk about? How do I help others as they help me? What about clicks? Are there groups so to say of friends and I won't be able to break in to them? Anything would help this nervous Nelly.
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