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  1. Welcome back...I'm new here so I will be looking forward to getting to know you... Broken1
  2. hummingbird, Welcome...I hope that you will find some comfort here at AS...Take your time and post at your own pace...Be safe and take care... Broken1
  3. Broken1


    Thanks so much everyone for welcoming me to AS...I'm still struggling with myself about all of this, like where do I start, how much do I tell, will I bore you with everything, how to let down my guard, will you let go of me, will I be judged...but just be patient with me, OK??? Thanks everyone... Broken1
  4. Hi Marty, I know that you will find much heartfelt sincere support here...Welcome... Broken1
  5. (((((Kriss))))) You just say whatever you want when you want... Remember to be gentle with yourself and just take your time... My thoughts and prayers are with you... Broken1
  6. Broken1


    JennyJ and rns1012, Hi there...I just might take you up on the PM's and e-mails...Thanks for the greetings...Hopefully soon, I will be able to share more... Broken1
  7. Broken1


    Thanks everyone for the welcome party... You will see a lot of me in "Healing Through Creativity"...I love writing poetry to release my feelings... I will be posting parts of my story as soon as I get the guts to open myself up to all of this... So please be patient and don't let go of me...OK??? Thanks everybody... Broken1
  8. Broken1


    Hi, I joined AS a few weeks ago and am finally ready to introduce me to all of you...I've posted a couple of my poems and replied to a few posts, but haven't shared my horror stories yet...I guess I'm trying to make sure I feel safe here...I do have a couple of close friends that know of my past and how it has affected my "present"...I hope that this place can become some sort of comfort and strength for me as I start my healing journey...Please don't let go of me as I struggle to make my path... Broken1
  9. (((((InOverMyHead))))) You are going in the right direction...Counseling will be very beneficial on your journey to healing yourself...My thoughts and prayers are with you...Remember to be easy on yourself and know that I am right beside you on this journey...Take care... Broken1
  10. (((((Faith))))) If I were you, I would tell the teacher that I was uncomfortable and maybe special arrangements could be made to help you feel safer...It's worth a try...And as far as "What your brother feels about you telling", I wouldn't worry about how he feels about anything...He should be begging you for forgiveness in every breath that he is allowed to breathe...You just be easy on yourself, OK??? My thoughts and prayers are with you... Broken1
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