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  1. I'm loosing time and it's freaking me out. Like literally loosing it. I'm not asleep at all. Or drunk. (I do drink but never go to that point and it's always at home.)

      I'll be doing something then it's like idk I "wake up" or something and I'm doing something entirely different and I don't remember how or when I decided to do it. It's scary. I've "woke up" driving before and not remembered I've gotten in my car even. I'm scared to tell anyone not even my roommate I'm afraid people will think I'm going crazy or have me committed somewhere. 

    I know I'm not asleep. Idk what's happening but I wish it would stop😭

    1. Amsekhmet


      I don't think you're crazy and I don't think anyone else will either, at least not anyone with proper training. I would really, really strongly encourage you to go see a doctor first to make sure nothing physical is going on. If you're all clear there, find a counselor or a therapist. The fact that you "woke up" while driving without knowing why you went "out" in the first place is worrying on it's own because you could wind up hurting yourself of someone else, not to mention end up in a bad area or something and get hurt that way. Don't worry about getting committed-- involuntary committment is a legal process that is very hard to impose on an adult and it would have to be initiated by someone in authority and it would only happen after a lengthy assessment. An exception would be someone who is in immediate danger of committing suicide, etc., in which case they might decide to do an emergency 72 hour hold. Otherwise, it is not instant by any means and your roommates can't do it. Please get this checked out. You have no idea what you're doing when you're "out", you have no idea how clear headed and functional you are during those periods, and you have no idea or control over what you're doing during those minutes or hours. Not telling anyone and letting it persist is incredibly dangerous, so please, talk to a professional so they can help you make it stop. I know it's scary, but you've got to trust someone with this ASAP. 

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