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  1. Finally got up enough courage to tell my roommate what happened to me this morning. I was so tired of fighting with her when none of it was her fault. 

    She believed me.

    She's still here. Still wants to be my roommate too. I was so scared she wouldn't be. That she'd leave or hate me. I didn't mean to but I broke down and told her everything. I only meant to tell her about what happened in February but when she started asking questions it all just came out. It feels like a big weight is gone but I don't know what to think or feel now. Im all over the place. I just hope things stay like this. I know it was a lot for her to take in too.

    1. Angelonia


      I'm so glad to know that you were able to talk with your roommate @Ghost of me.  You deserve to have an  understanding and respectful friend.  I hope you are feeling well.  :throb:       


    2. Ghost of me

      Ghost of me

      @Angelonia thank you. I was so scared she'd react the way my friends did. It means a lot for her to be there for me. I don't feel like I'm alone. I know on AS I'm not alone but it's so nice to have someone support you who's face to face instead of online. I was afraid she'd think I was dirty or something. 

      As for my being well I'm still struggling with if I want to continue my pregnancy or not. I know I'm running out of time to make that decision. And my morning sickness is an all day thing but I guess other than that I'm doing ok. I hope you're doing well.

    3. Angelonia


      I think it's great that you have your roommate to talk with now.  As you say, I'm sure it was a lot for your roommate to take in.  As fellow survivors your online friends here at AS will be available to listen as much as you need to talk.  

      I'm sorry you are experiencing morning sickness all day.  I wish I had helpful advice, just hugs and support. :flowers:

      I am doing fine, thanks @Ghost of me.


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