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  1. God I just want to sleep

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    2. NumbandAwake


      I have tried using my CBD gummies which normally work but my aniexty has been so bad its making me anxious even picking up my phone. 

    3. Ghost of me

      Ghost of me

      Same here. Things have been bad lately. Everything scares me. Little noises. Someone knocking at the door. I just freeze. I managed to go to classes and work after 2 days of not being able to but that took so much effort. 

    4. NumbandAwake


      The knocking at the door is totally me too. Long story with that. 

  2. Holy shit! The wind is so strong I wanna offer it a Snickers! Wind you're a di*k when you're hungry eat a Snickers. 

  3. My aniexty needs a notification box and a turn off button. If something is wrong just give me a notification like Facebook or Instagram. Of not *click* off button. 

  4. I'm so sick of crying over sexism and people making me feel disgusting for being a man. 

  5. No! It is not okay to group men all the same! It also isn't okay to make sexist comments in a place of healing. If you are this way DO. NOT. CONTACT. ME 

  6. I have tried everything to sleep and nothing is working.... I hate this. 

  7. Some art I have been working on. 


  8. If anyone wants to see some of my artwork message me and I will give you the link to it.

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    2. NumbandAwake
    3. Iheartcupcakes


      What I saw on your story was very good. We have a Healing Through Creativity forum if you ever want to post there. I have posted things I have written before. 

    4. NumbandAwake


      So I can post artwork of mine there? Can you give me the name and or a direct link.? 

  9. So I'm uploading to DeviantArt now hopefully I will do well.

  10. Just a poem I did to cope


    Why I am still suffocating?

    Holding on to a rope that's hanging by a thread

    Living but not alive

    It's so hard to let go when you feel so alone

    Eyes dried and dead

    Missing the old days that were murdered

    My heart rotting away

    Do you want to know that it doesn't hurt anymore?

    Dancing with the devil

    My skin cut but no blood falls from within

    Nothing more to say

    The wind blows and I feel in coming in the air

    The worlds collide

    Day by day by soul becomes thinner and colder

    I feel nothing anymore

    Step by step I fade away

    Bringing my only friend 

    A head full of pain

    A heart full of shame

    A hand full of broken promises

    Take it all away

    Away from me

    Before step by step, I fade, I fade away




  11. Another late nighter.

  12. I had a really horrible break down a few days ago. Tumblr was the cause. I was being attacked for a typo. I accidentally put that trans person aren't included in bisexuality when I meant to say they were. I have a new phone and haven't figured out how to turn off auto correct yet. First I was being attacked for saying that bisexual is an attraction to two genders which it is and then they attacked me for the accidental comment. I even clarified that I had made a mistake and that I am married to a trans man but they called me an abuser, transphobic, told me to kill myself and, that I was disgusting. I almost slit my wrists several times that day. It ended with me deleting my Tumblr. I had over three thousand followers. Two years of hard work down the drain. It was a blog about gemstones and these bullies and assholes didn't have common sense because on my profile there were multiple posts about trans positivity had they only looked and not been snowflakes they would have seen this. They will be sorry because I am one of a kind.

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