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  1. Hi @LovelyE A big welcome to AS I'm sorry that you feel you need to be here but I'm glad that you have made that brave step to join us There is always someone here that will listen and care. Good thoughts and blessings.
  2. Hi @nordic.panda a big warm welcome to AS This is one of the commonest feelings that abuse survivors seem to have, justifying their experiences as abuse. You are certainly not alone with those thoughts. There are many (me included) who feel that what they went through when compared to others, isn't really worth mentioning. I struggled with this for quite some time. My experiences involved physical abuse from my auntie, with the excuse that it was punishment for my sins so that God would forgive me. Painful and humiliating as those punishments were, like yourself, I never felt my life was
  3. Hi @Free4ever Just want to join everyone else and say welcome to AS I am sorry for what you have been through but by coming here you will quickly find that you are not alone. Blessings to you Sarah x
  4. Hi @Warriorgirl1 welcome to As Just take your time with things and post wherever you feel is right. It can always be moved if necessary. The newer posts will show up as recent posts and have a time indicator next to them to show how long ago they were posted. Have a browse around and see where it takes you. Good thoughts and blessings to you x
  5. Hi @Hugakeribear welcome to AS You will find lots of care and support here while you walk your path to healing. Blessings x
  6. Hi KeLLe, welcome to AS. I hope you find lots of care and support here. x
  7. Hi @sybilscrush Welcome to AS I hope you find lots of care and support here. x
  8. Welcome @prettybird148 I'm glad you decided to join us! Good thoughts and blessings x
  9. Hi Angelbee, just wanted to add to the welcomes to AS. I'm sorry that you feel like you need to be here but you have certainly done the right thing in coming. I hope its another step down your personal path to healing. Good thoughts and blessings x
  10. I hope you have a great weekend too Capulet!

    And a great week after that and then another one and another one and another one....:wink:

    1. Capulet


      :throb:  And I wish you the same, Sarah!  Here's to many, many good weeks and weekends ahead.  

  11. Hi Bayfox and welcome to AS We are also happy that you are here but sad that you feel you need to be at the same time. You have done exactly the right thing in coming here. It was a very brave step to make. I hope being here helps you to continue on your healing journey. Good thoughts and blessings x
  12. Hi Violet, A big welcome to AS. I am glad that you have taken the very brave step in coming here. I hope it is the first step to your eventual healing. Love the picture! x
  13. Hey Rainbowvalley, welcome to AS. I hope this is your first step on the path to healing. You have found a very caring and supportive place. Good thoughts x
  14. Hi Kady, welcome to AS. I think you will soon find by coming here that there are many others who have the same doubts, fears, emotions and concerns as you do. Those feelings that you have of anger, uncertainty, guilt and shame will be recognisable to a lot of others here including me. Just take things slowly, its step by step from here. I think if your partner truly loves you then he will understand if you decide to tell him. But just see how you feel and don't be pressured into doing anything if you are not sure. There is always someone here ready to listen. I a
  15. Hi TuxedoCat I'm glad that you found us and decided to join us. It is a long road that we are on but at least you are walking it with us now. Good thoughts and blessings.
  16. Hello Lotus37, I'm sorry you feel you need to come here but we are glad that you did You will find everyone here caring and supportive. Good thoughts and blessings.
  17. I understand completely how you are feeling. I often still get those same feelings myself. It is a terrible experience that you have suffered and feelings of abandonment & loneliness are completely natural. (unfortunately!) There is always someone here to talk to. You might want to let things out or keep things in to start with. Just take things slowly and do what you feel when it comes to talking about things. You have been so brave in coming here already and you are now walking the same path as many others, towards your healing. Its not an easy road. There's poi
  18. Hi GoldenChild, welcome to AS You sound as if you have had things really tough and my heart goes out to you. I know that you have done a really brave thing in coming here. You will find it a very supportive and caring environment. There are lots of others here who can relate very closely to what you have been through. You are never alone. Good thoughts and blessings for you. x
  19. Hi Aeryn Welcome to AS. This is a safe and understanding place. My faith is also at the centre of my healing journey so its good to have you here. I hope you can find the support here to help guide you towards where you want to be. Good thoughts x
  20. Welcome to AS The good thing about here is that you don't have to say anything if you don't want to. But its good to share if and when you feel able to. Hope you find the healing support you are looking for.
  21. Hi Brinks Welcome to AS. I'm sure you will find the support here very helpful.
  22. H i@Calm forest, I'm sorry you feel you had to come here but glad you did. You will find everyone is supporting ,caring and won't judge you on what you say or do. Welcome to AS
  23. Hi RayaHope, I'm sad that you are here because you feel you need to be but glad that you came! This is a very supportive place and hopefully another step down your road of healing. Good thoughts and prayers, S x
  24. Hi Wanderingandlost, A big warm welcome to AS I am still fairly new here too but have found everyone very supportive and understanding. You have taken a big step coming here and now you are hopefully headed on the path to healing. Just take things slowly, one step at a time and know you are not alone. Good thoughts and prayers for you, Sarah x
  25. Hi VincentVidel You will find lots of understanding support here. Well done for taking the plunge and coming here. You did the right thing. Sarah
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