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  1. New here

    Hi @Serenity165 Welcome to AS!
  2. Hello

    @Goldenboybrokeme Welcome to AS.
  3. Just looking for support

    @Gom Jabbar Hi Welcome to AS!
  4. Newbie Saying Hello

    @Out of the Ashes Welcome to AS!
  5. New Here, and Saying Hello

    Hello newcomgray I read more than I post. I've found lots of helpful information to deal with my SA. This is a community of understanding and support. AS has helped me spend less time crying and more time healing. You are in a safe place.
  6. Newbie saying HELLO

    HI RayaHope!
  7. Hello, I'm New Here

    @PurpleBee Welcome to AS! I haven't been here very long but it has been in incredible journey. There is so much to learn here at AS. It is a supportive community.
  8. I am also a new member

    HI tshirt40 -- As has helped me truly feel I am not alone. Those I chose to share with only know that it happened. I deal with everyone on an individual basis regarding the details of my SA. I left it up to my young adult children to decide how much detail they can handle. As for now, just knowing is enough for them. My own story here on AS is more descriptive than what anyone outside of authorities and my T know. Family dynamics are different for every one. Take your time and do what is comfortable for you. Wishing you continued healing on your journey.
  9. Jumping In

    Hi Russia2005, I am fairly new to AS. Sorry to hear groups are not available to fit your schedule. There is lots of information and support here on AS. Peace and blessings on your journey.
  10. New Member

    I'm new to using a forum but I think I finally figured it out. Yeah!! I have already found helpful information and believe I have found a place that will help me through my journey of healing. Thank you AS!
  11. New Member

    I see I am not alone. It is sad so many of us have the same or similar feelings/ reactions. I really did think I was broken beyond repair. @HiddenHeart Thanks for the safe hug
  12. 5 Words To Your Perpetrator

    "I have to forgive you" Hanging on to all my anger, rage, sorrow, fear, shame, self-doubt, and every other negative feelings I have is not going to help me find peace within. I just wonder, what kind of victim are you? Who hurt you? I'm sorry for whatever happened. I hope there is support for whatever pain you are holding on to. I know I will heal.
  13. Cats and visible attitudes

    Thanks for sharing! I do not have any pets but I love cats. Your post brought a welcomed smile to my face.
  14. 29 year old survivor

    "Take small steps every day and one day you will get there." ~ Unknown I'm new here too. Welcome to AS!
  15. New Member

    Yes, I did feel alone. It's a horrible feeling to feel alone when you are surrounded by so many supportive people. I wish I had found AS sooner. What's important is that I found AS. I'm getting a little emotional but good tears.
  16. New Member

    Thank you to everyone! I have lots of tears that others around me do not understand and maybe never will. AS has helped me so much in the short time I have been here.
  17. The Big R

    Beautiful to offer to listen! Sometimes that is all we need at the moment to get through a tough time. And there will be many tough times. Do not be afraid to tell others what you need. I have a friend at work I told that sometimes I just need a distraction. So when I go to his office, he just comes up with some of the most off the wall stuff. He told me one day that I reminded him of the robot from Lost In Space. He was right. I felt silly. But that was the distraction I needed to go back to work. You are young. I believe you will find love. No rush. Embrace your healing. Love yourself first. Believe you are worthy. The healing path is a journey of hard work. You are not alone on your journey. I Believe you are in the right place for support. I stand with you. And I am here to listen, too.