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  1. @SIBwISSUES Welcome. I am sorry for the reasons that brought you here.
  2. Azika


    Thanks for the warm welcoms everyone.
  3. Azika


    @Capulet Thank you for the welcome. Cats are amazing. My cat is a good boy. Cats make good friends. I like lavender, sweet things like cinnamon, and what ever the heck they put in ax body spray (my boyfriend wears that and hes my favorite person). I find comfort in a lot of scents. I have never done a group before. Im not sure what to expect. I think im hopeing talking about it will help with anxiety. And im not ready to talk to people I know. So, strangers on the internet it is! 😅
  4. Azika


    Hi im new. I never post on forums so I hope I did this right. I am Azika. I like cats, chocolate, and find smells to be very comforting.
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