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    Hey there 👋 I’ve never used this before but I thought I’d share my story, not for sympathy but for the support for you or for a friend...

    On the 18th of February 2018 I was raped, we all say “ nothing like this would ever happen to me” but the truth is, that night I would have never of thought this would have happened but it did, I carried of the day after it happened in utter shock! I got dressed, went to work, smiled. It hit me what had happened, I couldn’t quite understand the full situation but I knew this wasn’t right, after months and months of fighting the trail and trying to continue to carry on putting on a brave face but not only to my family but to friends as well. 

    But things got too much and that’s okay, it’s okay to take a break but what’s not okay is when you don’t pick yourself when you let someone that disguesting and that worthless keep you in that big dark hole. In July 2018, I took an overdose, the mental health doctors diagnosed me with anxiety, depression and ptsd. It felt like such a Blair, that was the day I realised that it did actually happen to me, in July I did end up getting sectioned under the mental health act. Once I got realeased from the institution, I put all my effort into me, into a better me, into a healthier mind. 

    To this day I still have my bad days, more so than good days. But what I’ve came to realise is that it wasn’t my fault, I didn’t ask for what had happened, it DOES NOT matter what you wear, whether you was drinking, it’s give NOBODY the right to invade you personal space and your body.

    i just wanted to write the to let anyone out there that am always here and I will continue to post my day to day feels on here, but it is okay not to be okay and there is a huge amount of support out there. 🙂

    1. Silentnomore5


      Thank you louise for your wonderful words its amazing how far you have come in less than a year. Its good u accept. Your not to blame. Im here for u over the next few weeks leading up to that dreaded hated first anniversary. If u ever need to talk feel free to  pm me

    2. Free2Fly



      im sorry that happened to you, honestly you should of put this in a forum post instead of a status update but I'm sure it's fine.

      its helpful to know your not alone but down bring to hear that more people are being R*ped...

      safe hugs :hug: if ok?

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